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s to recreate the subjective experience of being Chinese," he sai▓d.Literature is the original "virtual reality," be it poetry, fiction, drama or essays, which not only "▓portrays" what is going on in China today, ▓but "delivers the feeling of experiencing it, often in▓ emotionally intense settings such as love ▓or trauma," said Laughl

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in."When it is▓ very good, it may also rise above the moment▓ and say something more profound about Chin▓a, the world, or humanity which is s▓omething we also don't expect from media coverage," he sa▓id."One doesn't need to limit one's reading to contemporary writers," he said. "The more you read back in

to the century before and the▓ centuries before that...the more you see the continui▓ties and changes of C

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